Lonely Cloud Moon T-Shirt (Black)

Lonely Cloud

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 Hello! Who are we? Well to put it simply, we are a micro business that has a massive obsession with clouds! Well not really but here is how the story goes! The company was first founded in 2020 after 3 teenagers without any experience in the clothing brand industry decided to start a clothing brand! Not everyone was so keen on the idea and thought that we were crazy to invest in it, we definitely have come a long way from the bottom and don’t think we are going to only sell shirts because more accessories and clothing are coming. Our products range from designs that we make as well as we are very invested into working with small artists that are trying to build up their name just like us! We feel like them giving us the opportunity not only helps us but them, we believe that costumers and partners should always get the most fair treatment from us. We are very happy to announce our partnership with Dapper Beast and feel like this is the best opportunity to show how high a cloud might go!

*Please note that the T-Shirt is Black and the photo where it looks grey is just a problem in the image not the product. 

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