About us

Dapper Beast - we love sneakers!

We know how passionate people are about sneakers and we wanted to build a home and community for sneaker lovers in the Middle East. Based out of our office in Dubai, we've assembled a bunch of sneaker nerds to source the coolest sneakers on the market. 
Looking for hype, vintage or rare sneakers...?
We've got you, search our stock of amazing sneakers, all of which are in our storage unit here in Dubai.
All of our sneakers are genuine and inspected by one of our expert team members to ensure continuous quality; only then are they branded with the DapperBeast authentication tag.
We only sell new, boxed and 100% authentic sneakers. No fakes, nothing used and nothing without a box.
Find Jordan, Yeezy, Off-White and much more right here in the UAE.
Got a party to attend? We offer next day delivery! 
Enjoy the community and hit us up on Instagram!
You can also call or whatsapp us on 0565913403 or email mail@dapperbeast.ae